Network Connectivity Definition For SEO & Web Development

Network Connectivity is the level of how fast your devices are able to exchange packets on the internet.

Network connectivity can apply to ethernet, wifi, as well as mobile networks as well.

Network connectivity levels that are low can have a negative affect on your website’s page load speed & user experience.

All sites & files need to be written to load properly across all levels of network connectivity.

How Network Connectivity Impacts Search Engine Optimization

Network connectivity has begun to play a larger & larger role in SEO since the shift to mobile browsing.

Previously, Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) layouts were not as diverse, with most featuring some PPC ads at the top, before 10 organic results & some more ads at the bottom.

Once mobile browsing became more popular, a wider variety of search types became possible, and a wider variety of network connectivity levels began to submit queries to search.

Search Engines serve different SERP layouts for the same query if one network connection is stronger than another, as it can support a wider array of layout types & results.

This makes it essential that all pages on your website are able to load as fast as possible, to be sure that your content can be found for the widest array of relevant search queries.