Analytics & Tracking Services Drive Data-Driven Strategy

Analytics & Tracking Services By Demarkles Digital

Data Driven Strategy requires an expert knowledge of analytics, and how to implement tracking codes & tag management systems in the most optimal place possible, both for data integrity & for latency.

Our Analytics Experts can customize a solution to ensure that you’re able to track any & all relevant business metrics to the highest level of detail & precision.

We also specialize in ROI-Projection & Attribution Modeling, which are essential for launching & fine-tuning any well-run campaign.

Data Collection & Tracking Implementation & KPI Baselines

The first start to any data driven strategy is to determine what KPIs align best with your business goals; this way, you can accurately know the ROI of all of your strategies you implement. Determining how to best collect the data you deem the most important impacts what tools will be used, and how to best implement them in order to collect data efficiently, while not adversely impacting the general performance of your site.

Partnering With You To Help Make Sense Of Your Data

With so much data available at our disposal these days, sometimes it can be difficult to know what is meaningful & what is just noise. We can help you determine what is most important to your business goals, and how to relay it into reports that can be understood by any stakeholders that you need to share them with.

Let Us Help You By Becoming Your Reporting Partner

Our expert analytics team can partner with you to handle all of your reporting needs. We can handle reports at any cadence, and specialize in both attribution modeling the ROI of all campaigns, as well as projecting the anticipated performance of future campaigns & endeavors. We can also help you build custom tools to both streamline your data, while also giving you the power to do more with it – check out our Custom Tool Creation Services here.

Measurement strategy ultimately is at the beginning & end of every project you undertake, whether it’s determining & benchmarking KPIs, or using the data that comes in from a campaign to make necessary adjustments & optimizations. Master your data & information by teaming up with Demarkles Digital & take your reporting & analytics capabilities to the next level!

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