Custom Tool Creation

Custom Tools Creation Services By Demarkles Digital

Our team has a deep experience in building out custom tools to meet our personal needs.

This not only helps us save time, but also helps us better model out projected ROI of initiatives & gives us tracking that follows exactly what we need, when we need it!

Team members have even been hosted to discuss the topic over a series of keynotes at conferences.

Assessing Your Data & Analytics Needs

First, we need to discuss what your business goals & KPIs are, as well as what new ones might be better suited for your needs. By having a baseline determined, we can see how fully your needs are currently being served, as well as better determine what needs to be done to help you reach your goals.

Creating A Blueprint For Your Custom Tools

Once we have our baselines covered, we can move forward with designing the perfect custom tool to meet your business’s needs! Once design has been agreed upon & blueprints are finalized, we can begin building!

On-Going Support & Future Versions

Once complete, we offer additional services, such as reporting, support, and the development of more detailed & intricate tools. Custom tools are an essential part of a data-driven strategy; let us help you capitalize on them!

Let’s discuss your next custom tool creation project!