Naver Overview & Definition for SEO & Web Development

Naver is the largest search engine in South Korea. 

Marketers who are targeting audiences in South Korea should be sure to have landing pages that rank well on Naver.

Naver, much like other popular search engines offers a webmaster tools section that will give you more details into the health of your site, as well as ways that it can be better optimized to perform in search.

Search Engine Optimization For Naver’s Search Engine

While Naver focuses on technical SEO fundamentals such as page load speed & having a clear information architecture & website directives, there are some differences.

One being the Title Tag length (40 characters) & Meta Description length (80 characters) are both shorter than Google & other engines.

With this in mind, it may be best to create pages specifically for Naver to accommodate these different rules.

Naver is also known to heavily favor their own personal social media content & other resources, so you should set up a Naver Blog, Cafe, Modoo, Post or even Tistory blog accounts.

Fresh content is also essential, just as it is with other search engines.

Naver also has paid ads & shopping listings, similar to Google, which should be included in your SERP real-estate coverage strategy in order to get the most exposure possible for your brand’s content.