Largest Contentful Paint Definition For SEO & Latency

Largest Contentful Paint is the time that it takes for the browser to load the largest content on the screen, ready for the user to interact with it.

Having a lower LCP is important as it encourages user interactive & provides a better User Experience. 

Largest Contentful Paint LCP & Its Importance To SEO & User Experience

When a user puts a URL into their browser, they expect to be able to see content & interact with it quickly.

While the page is rendering, files are being loaded into the browser & unpacked to bring the display that the user sees.

Once the largest content above the page’s fold content has loaded, the LCP has been achieved.

Having a low LCP is important as it enables users to begin interacting with your site faster, making them able to consume more content & complete more actions.

Webmasters should look for ways to incorporate their designs into a small LCP, as it reduces total webpage load times.

It also enables crawlers to access more content when indexing your site, freeing up more crawl budget, increasing the amount of pages that can be parsed & indexed.