Keyword Definition For SEO & Website Development

Keywords refer to the words contained in the queries that a user uses to find your website.

Websites optimize for keywords by providing content that is relevant to a users query & any other potential relevant queries. 

Keywords, Content & Search Engine Optimization

Creating a content strategy is a cornerstone to a good SEO campaign.

Each page that you publish to your website needs to have a focus topic, and should contain keywords that are related to that topic to help users find your content.

When creating a broader website taxonomy, each category should focus on one keyword or set of keywords that are related to the primary theme of the site.

Subcategory pages should build off of those keywords, by targeting long-tail keywords, which are more detailed & specific than the broader category pages.

This umbrella style setup is referred to as a content silo, and it makes it easier for bots to navigate & index your content, leading to better ranking performance.

It is also beneficial to users, as there is a natural progression they follow to learn more and more about their desired subject.

When creating content it is important to think not just about the specific keywords that you want to target, but also other variations & synonyms to them in order to capture traffic for a wider variety of queries.