Key Performance Indicator KPI Definition For SEO

Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable metrics that are used to measure the impact of marketing goals. 

Abbreviated KPI’s, they are essential in planning & keeping track of the success & failures of each campaign & initiative that online marketers execute.

Key Performance Indicators Are Essential To Measurement Strategy

Before kicking off any initiative, establishing meaningful KPI’s to track throughout the project or at different stages of it is imperative.

Without doing this, it can become ambiguous as to what has been accomplished, and make it difficult to get support for future endeavors.

Meeting & exceeding your KPI’s on a project also helps get support from stakeholders who may not understand the ins & outs of your objectives.

Because of this, when establishing KPI’s you must make sure that all members of your team understand & agree upon what will be measured, as well as what cadence the measurements will be reported on.

How To Determine What Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) To Track For Optimization Projects

Each member of your team is responsible for reporting on different things, so every project will have a variety of KPI’s.

As a webmaster, you are likely mostly interested in boosting quality traffic, while accomplishing whatever project-specific goals you have set in mind (such as reducing page load speed by 10% etc…).

However, your manager may be more interested in conversion metrics that are caused by these changes.

Their boss is likely more interested in subscribers & revenue that each customer brings in & so forth…

This is why all stakeholders must discuss a measurement strategy plan to not only be sure that each metric they care about is measured, but also to understand how they all impact one another, so that future project proposals go smoother.