JavaScript JS File Definition For Website Development & SEO

JavaScript or JS files are files that power interactive elements of webpages. 

Unlike HTML which is a static language that renders webpages, JavaScript is used to implement logic & create dynamic content which appears on webpages.

JavaScript Files & Search Engine Optimization

JavaScript files are great for webmasters as they enable them to accomplish a wider array of tasks & provide better user experiences.

However, they do come with some issues that webmasters must work around to optimize.

JS files are loaded individually from HTML code, adding extra requests to a page’s load sequence.

Webmasters must make sure that all JavaScript requests are loaded when they are needed, as otherwise they block the page from rendering on time.

Additionally, JavaScript files should also be grouped together whenever possible to reduce the total number of requests to load a page.

JavaScript files also can benefit from code minification, as it enables browsers to parse through their content & load it faster by removing the whitespace between lines of code.

However, JavaScript files do power many useful assets that SEOs & webmasters need, including the tracking tags for tools such as Google Analytics.