InURL: Search Definition For SEO & Website Development

InURL: command is used on search engines to find results that include a specified string within its file path. 

Typically it is best paired with site: and a domain name & a piece of text that would be further down the URLs directory path.

Benefits Of Using The InURL: Search Command

The InURL: search command can be used for many things, both when reviewing your site & competitors.

It can be inferred that if a keyword is placed in a URL then it is a target keyword of the page that it is on.

If you are researching a niche product, searching inurl:[product] will bring up a list of the pages that contain it in the URL, as well as the approximate number of indexed results that contain it.

Using The InURL: Search Engine Command To Filter Through Keywords

Similarly, you can apply a specific domain to search for with this command as well, which can be beneficial for looking at a specific competitor’s content.

It can also be used in content deprecation exercises, when trying to figure out how many times your site is pursuing a certain keyword or topic at such a high level.