InLinks Definition For SEO & Website Development

InLinks are links on a given domain that point to a specific URL. 

InLinks are valuable as they pass along link equity from other URLs on a domain that may not get as many external links as other pages.

They also are great for leading users down content silos & conversion funnels in order to provide site users with a better experience. 

Why InLinks Are Important For Search Engine Optimization

InLinks are one way to direct users to other content on your site that adds more detail & clarity to the topic of the page that they are on.

They are also used to persuade users further down conversion funnels, in order to obtain information transactions from site visitors.

InLinks are also the best way to share the link equity from one page to another within your site.

Pages that receive many backlinks from valuable domains can share their wealth more directly by linking to other internal site pages when their topics are relevant.

This provides more equity to the destination page & pages around it than would traditionally be passed along by means of the site’s navigation links.