HTTPS Definition For Websites & SEO

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is used for secure computer communication across the internet.

Using encryption as protection, HTTPS powers the requests & packets transferred when a website offers it.

You’ll know if a url is secure as it is lead off with an https & not an http. 

Why Is HTTPS Important For Search Engine Optimization?

HTTPS is essential for SEO, as it is a sign of a more secure user experience, and inspires more trust from users.

This is especially important for websites where transactions take place, whether they be financial or data, as it ensures a secure experience.

HTTPS became more important as more & more websites began collecting data, encouraging downloads of files & financial transactions.

As such, search engines tend to prefer HTTPS content to HTTP content.

Always look for HTTPS in the URL of a webpage you visit, and be weary of giving information or money to unsecure connected pages.

If your site is still running on HTTP, purchase an SSL certificate & 301 re-direct all HTTP URLs to new, secure HTTPS versions.