H2 Header Tag Definition For Websites & SEO

Header 2 tags, known as H2 Tags are meant to serve as sub headers to your page’s content.

They are the second largest & 2nd  boldest of all tags. Search Engines do not limit the amount of H2 tags they will honor, and they are considered 4th highest in priority (after URL, Title Tag & H1 Tag) for the keywords contained in them.

Search engines will honor the first 80 characters contained in each & traditionally the higher up on the page that a tag occurs the more value will be given to its keywords in terms of importance. 

How H2 Tags Impact SEO & Ranking Performance

H2 tags are seen as the next level of depth and detail regarding the structure & content of a page behind the H1 tag.

When constructing a page, use H2 tags to introduce subheading topics in your content.

Keywords used in H2 Tags should connect the keywords used in your URL, Title Tag & H1 Tag with the actual body content found on each page.

When looking at the page’s structure, think of an umbrella that is opened, with the H2 tag being midway down the umbrella, introducing the wider-spread topics.

All primary themes of the page should be connected to the content in your site’s H2 tags, using them as a means to pursue longer-tail keywords that are relevant to the page’s body copy.

As a result, it is important to do thorough keyword research to ensure that your H2 tags are optimized as best as possible.