Google Search Console Overview & Definition

Google Search Console (GSC) is a website performance measurement tool, that focuses on how sites perform in organic search, as well as technical site health items.

Valuable insights into how your site appears in search are given here, with their performance report helping you get insight into how many times you appeared in search but were not clicked.

There are also areas to submit your XML site maps to be crawled by Google, as well as a direct URL submission box which can be used to get faster crawling & indexation of newly created content, or to get existing content re-crawled & indexed after it’s been updated. 

Google Search Console Is A Webmaster’s Best Friend

Webmasters can gather a lot of valuable data around their site’s performance & security from Google Search Console.

In GSC reports, things such as real-world interactive metrics are performed & compared to other sites in order to help you find out what optimizations are most critical for competing in search & for user experience.

Indexation issues are also identified in the backend of GSC, with URL level reports on all impacted URLs so that users can export the files & work immediately on each impacted page.

Additionally, webmasters can find out if there are security issues on their sites, as well as if any manual actions have been taken against their site content by Google, and work to improve these issues.