Font File Definition For Websites & Page Load Speed

Fonts are the styles of text that appear on a webpage or computer. 

Fonts are important not just from a style perspective, but also from a page load speed perspective, as having uncompressed & optimized font files will add time to your page load speed.

Font Files Have A Large Impact On User Experience & Search Engine Optimization

Font files impact user experience as they are core to a user’s accessibility of your content.

Without legible fonts, users wouldn’t be able to read your site’s content.

Similarly, with fonts that are too small, clickable elements on your site become too close together, which provides a difficult mobile user experience.

Font file types also tend to be heavier, making them tie up a lot of resources at load time.

This makes it imperative that all font files be compressed & optimized so that they are able to be loaded quickly when a user accesses your site.

When choosing a font, take into consideration the sizes of the files based on the file type that you choose.

Also, always look to compress the font files before they are transferred, regardless of which fonts you choose.

This way, you will minimize the impact they have in your page’s loading speed; which is beneficial for rankings & user experience.