Dashboard Definition For Web Analytics & Marketing

A Dashboard is a centralized source of data where marketers can view health & performance metrics on their sites.

Dashboards are a convenient way to relay information to different teams & stakeholders, and can often be automated to reduce the amount of labor that goes into generating & sharing the content across teams. 

How To Make Efficient Dashboards

Whenever information needs to be relayed across multiple teams & levels of stakeholders, it is always important to have a discovery session or thread where each member says what KPIs are most important to them.

This way, all metrics can be accounted for and presented in a way that all users are able to understand.

A medium for relaying the data should also be agreed upon, whether it will be done locally in Excel & shared with the group, or if a centralized source such as Tableau of Data Studio will be used so that users can access it at any time.

Updates & reporting cadences also need to be established before launch, in order to be sure that any automated data pulls are scheduled accordingly & so that all users of the data know when to expect their outputs.