Crawl Budget Definition For SEO & Web Marketing

A website’s Crawl Budget is the amount of pages per day that Google will crawl on the site.

When a page is crawled, GoogleBot parses through the content in order to keep its index of rankings as up-to-date as possible.

Crawl Budgets tend to be stable with limited fluctuations for sites & are a major reason as to why it is important to have fast loading pages, as well as properly structured Information Architecture in both your site taxonomy & on-page content. 

Why Crawl Budgets Matter To Webmasters & Marketers

Crawl budgets are important to marketers & webmasters as it impacts how quickly content can be indexed after creation or edits.

Making your site easily accessible to bots & able to load quickly is essential in having a good crawl budget.

The more pages that a bot can access on your site, the more quickly edits & new content can be picked up, indexed and ranked.

This also applies to the softer optimizations for webpage load speed, such as minification & compression of files, as the less code & resources that need to be loaded & sorted through, the more content a crawler can process on a visit to your site.