Core Web Vitals For Online Marketing & Websites

Core Web Vitals is a set of real world user data for websites that describes how they function & perform when users access them.

This data can be referred to as Field Data, and is returned to users in Google Search Console & on the Page Speed Insights Tool. 

Why Do Core Web Vitals Matter?

The figures presented in the Core Web Vitals report are important for user experience & overall rankings.

Faster Loading webpages are known to perform better in organic search, while also boosting visitor confidence & user experience.

These metrics focus on how fast a page is able to render, how fast the user is able to interact with the page & how much layout shifts occur while a page is loading.

These are important metrics as users want their content delivered to them quickly, in a seamless manner that does not include content jumping around on the screen.

Users also want to be able to interact with site content quickly, as every millisecond they have to wait increases the likelihood that they will abort their session & look for their desired information elsewhere.

The Core Web Vitals report is also beneficial as it is a more user-friendly report than the report (which includes these numbers & more detailed technical information), and can be used as a cheat sheet when making latency optimizations for your site.