Cookies Definition For Websites & Online Marketing

Cookies are pixels used by marketers to keep track of users & their interactions with websites.

Cookies fire every timeĀ a user enters a URL & establishes a new connection between the client & the server.

How HTTP Cookies Are Used In Online Marketing

HTTP Cookies are useful to marketers are they enable them to record & save information regarding a user’s session & interactions with their web content.

The information saved in them also is useful as it can store login information that you chose to save & other valuable preferences that can be automatically loaded when you make a return visit to a website.

Different marketing platforms utilize cookies to relay relevant information to their tools from a user’s visit to your site.

In the instance of First Party Cookies, a website itself implements a cookie in your browser from their own site.

Third-Party cookies are typically used for online advertising platforms, and are when a cookie that is run by another site/company is placed in your browser by the website that you are visiting.

Third Party cookies are currently not supported by most web browsers, with Google Chrome no longer supporting them either in the near future.