Click-Through-Rate CTR Definition For Website Marketing

A Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is the rate at which users click through your SERP/Ad Impressions & is considered a metric of efficiency.

Having a higher Click-Through-Rate is a sign of great optimization efforts or of a very unsaturated/well-dominated niche, and webmasters & marketers should always be working to optimize their Click-Through-Rates.

Getting a great CTR is accomplished by a number of optimizations, both from the ad-content & landing page experience, as well as conversion rate optimization, where users are lead down a funnel from their landing page. 

How To Increase Your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) & Improve Search Presence

Improving your Click Through Rates takes similar strategies, regardless of what source or medium your audience is coming from.

Writing captivating Title Tags/Titles for all pages & ads that are supported by Meta Descriptions with calls to action is one of the best ways to increase your CTR.

Always include a call to action, as it will help give the end user the nudge to check out your content.

Improving Quality Scores for PPC goes a long way for improving your CTR, which focuses around the copy of your ad content, your landing page experience & your bids vs. your competitors (for position).

For display based ads, having relevant, interesting images paired with appropriate text on them will grab users’ attention & inspire them to continue on to view your content.

Of course, all keywords need to be tightly focused & related, with each landing page having a good experience for the user when they arrive.