Breadcrumbs Definition For Websites & SEO

Breadcrumbs are links that appear of a page as a user ventures down content silos & categories that show them the path that they traveled to get to the page that they are on.

They offer an easy way for a user to click back multiple levels in one click if they’re in the wrong sub-category, and serve as a guide for them to identify where they are. 

The Importance Of Breadcrumbs For Optimizing & Creating Content & For User Experience

Breadcrumbs are a great way to let your users know where content sits within a site taxonomy, and are also beneficial for content creators.

Implementing breadcrumbs in a content silo helps content creators better understand gaps in their website taxonomies.

Topics that do not relate entirely a any pages’ breadcrumbs trail are easy to identify & place within a content silo.

They also help hold each piece of content accountable, in terms of making sure that it is truly aligned with the silo that it is featured in, helping to make on-page content edits easier to identify.

Website Breadcrumbs & Structured Data Markups

Breadcrumbs are also supported by Structured Data Markups, and can be used as a low-hanging fruit for getting support for a project.

As every page for the most part will contain breadcrumbs, they can help marketers make the case for implementing markups.

If other teams are not prioritizing markups for other important items such as contact information, or graph data etc… as there is not enough impacted pages, adding breadcrumbs into the proposal scope may up the priority as it impacts more pages.