Bing Search Console Overview & Definition

Bing Search Console enables marketers & webmasters to gain insight into their organic search performance on their search engine, offers them the ability to directly upload their XML sitemaps & links to their Robots.txt files, while also identifying optimization opportunities. 

Bing Search Console is important as it will show you differences in how users are searching for & accessing your site content from both search engines, while also showing you why your site content may not be performing as well as you had hoped on Bing.

Webmasters can also set the time of day that Bing crawlers access the site, as to not overload your servers during your busiest user visitor hours.

Bing Search Console Insights Are Essential To Your Optimizations

While Bing search traffic tends to lag Google’s, they still receive a sizable proportion of overall search queries, making it essential to optimize for Bing Search.

Keyword Trend insights on Bing are provided for content that is relevant to yours, creating optimization shortcuts.

The Bing Performance Report is similar to Google’s, and provides valuable insights into other ways that your site content is being interpreted by both bots & users when you look at the impressions section.

Traditional Directives information is handled here, as well as manual URL submissions that can be used for new content or for re-indexation requests for content updates.