API Definition

API’s, or Application Programming Interfaces enable users to access data sets from larger sources, while using functions & bits of code to access them.

API data is especially important in search, as it enables users to get large batches of data to work with, in short periods of time.

Many tools, such as Screaming Frog allow you to use API’s without needing to write any custom code from great data sources, including Google & many Backlink analysis tools, such as aHrefs. 

How API’s Work

When a user wants to gather data from a larger database or warehouse but doesn’t necessarily have the programming skills to do so, API’s often are their best option.

API’s function as a go between between two different applications that otherwise would have difficulty communicating with one another.

Users are able to submit their requests from their applications, that are in turn taken by the API to the data source & then return the user’s information to the client application.

Due to their wide range of functions, APIs are popular for programmers, as well as anyone looking to work with large data sets.