Analytics Platform Definition

Analytics platforms are centralized sources of data that enable users to view information associated with their web & app properties & their users.

This includes having a front-end interface for users to view, edit & manage as well as data storage centers.

Google & Adobe are two of the most popular & widely used analytics platforms for websites, although there are others such as Yahoo Analytics as well.

Marketers can utilize the data that they receive in their analytics platforms to make better informed decisions about how to optimize their websites, user experience & conversion rates as well as a number of other things. 

Analytics Platforms Are The Backbone To Your Marketing Efforts

Analytics platforms are one of the most important parts of any web marketer’s toolkit.

They enable you to see your users & their interactions that they have with your site, which is essential for figuring out how to best optimize your site.

Being able to pinpoint details such as what content is performing best on your domain, or which regions or countries are converting to become customers in the most are extremely important for expanding your audience & business.

They are also important for ROI projection modeling & benchmarking before a project begins, as the data enables stakeholders of all levels to visualize the direct impacts of your project’s efforts.