Charles Demarkles Speaks On Panel To Fordham MBA Students About Google Chrome, Third-Party Cookies, FLOC & What Comes Next For Digital Marketers

A couple of weeks ago I published some notes relating to a panel that I sat on, where we were discussing Google Chrome choice to get rid of third-party cookie support in favor of a new Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLOC) system.

It was a great discussion with many bright young minds, and I appreciate Fordham’s MBA candidates for having me on to speak, as well as our other talented panelists taking the time to share knowledge with one another.

We touched upon a number of interesting topics, including the history & current state of tracking tags & cookies, how the evolution of search & new device types will continue to drive change in the realm of website tracking, and what that means for Digital Marketers.

Here is the recording of the discussion:

Thanks again to all who coordinated & attended!